Throw Back Dining

See You Later Decorator

Working with luxury clients is always exciting as it gives us a chance to pair our food with a brand’s image.  The La Cienega Design Quarter (LCDQ) for more than half a century, has been the destination for sophisticated shoppers looking for top quality design. This legendary district, with its romantic courtyards, alluring windows and treasure troves of antiques, furniture, lighting, fabrics, stone, rugs, accessories and art, is known as the “shopping heart” and workplace of the interior design profession.


Working together at the LCDQ Legends event with Missy Fine of Missy Fine Events was an absolute pleasure!  Throughout the day, we entertained guests in and out of the design quarter.  Laid upon clean black lacquered trays and adorned with a white orchid bloom, our guests dined upon a variety of delectable hors d’oeuvres including Smoked Salmon Blinis topped with Chive Crème Fraiche and Lemon, along with Baby Artichoke and Red Pepper Crostinis with Shaved Reggiano cheese and drizzled with Truffle Oil.

Throughout the entire LCDQ Legends event, we were able to work in many more stores and bring our food to many more people. 

See you at the dinner table,

CBC Team

The Presentation Space




Smoked Salmon Blini | Chive Crème Fraiche | Lemon

Grilled Peach & Clover Honey Mascapone Crostini | Micro Greens

Greek Yogurt Parfait | Toasted Oat Crumble | Berries

Blueberry Compote Crostini | Sweet Cream Cheese | Candied Lemon



Baby Artichoke & Red Pepper Crostini | Shaved Reggiano | Truffle Oil

Challah King’s Fig Challah Brie Melt | Caramelized Onion | Parsley

Edamame Crostini | Meyer Lemon | Chives

BBQ Scented Chicken | Plantain Chip | Pineapple Relish



Baby Artichoke & Red Pepper Crostini | Shaved Reggiano | Truffle Oil

Challah King’s Fig Challah Brie Melt | Caramelized Onion | Parsley

Edamame Crostini | Meyer Lemon | Chives

BBQ Scented Chicken | Plantain Chip | Pineapple Relish

Seared Mandarin Orange Crab Cake | Coriander Aioli


To E3 And Beyond!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is one of the coolest events of the year!  E3 is the biggest video gaming expo in the business and takes place over multiple days in Downtown Los Angeles.  Not only do the big video game display, but other accessory companies show their products to the thousands of people who attend the Expo.


Naturally, we were so excited to be brought on by Ubisoft at the Orpheum Theater for multiple meals over multiple days.  As the crew setup leading to the big press conference, Chris Brugler Catering provided breakfast and lunch options for their crew, fully equipped with craft service snacks.  Morning consisted of Grilled Vegetable Scrambled Eggs or Challah King’s French Toast, while lunch would have the crew enjoy delights like Rigatoni with Turkey Sausage.

When the presentation day finally came, there were thousands of people lined up to hear all about the new products Ubisoft was unveiling.  Partnering with Barts Carts, we served popcorn to the attendees.  For the speakers, presenters, and talent, we provided delicious VIP meals.


This was one of the coolest events and we were so happy that Ubisoft was so happy with how everything turned out!

See you at the dinner table,

CBC Team




Grilled Vegetable Scrambled Eggs | Aged Cheddar Cheese | Chives

Honey Yogurt

Assorted Bagels | Jams | Cream Cheese

Coffee | Tea | Orange Juice | Cranberry Juice



Kale Salad | Shaved Fennel | Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette | Rustic Croutons | Goat Cheese

Turkey & Pepper Jack Wrap | Corn | Black Beans | Greens | Chipotle Spread

Lime Scented Sugar Cookie Bites



Smoked Salmon | Tomato | Onion | Cucumber | Lemons

Fresh Yogurt

Assorted Bagels | Jams | Cream Cheese

Coffee | Tea | Orange Juice | Cranberry Juice



Butter Lettuce Salad | Cherry Tomato | Cucumber | Parmesan | Red Wine Vinaigrette

Rigatoni | Turkey Sausage | Olives | Rustic Basil Tomato Sauce

Double Fudge Cookie Bites



Egg & Chorizo Tortilla Wraps | Tomatillo Salsa

Labor Day Delight

To us, a three-day weekend is always a reason to celebrate; Labor Day is no exception!  We were lucky enough to pair with the designers of Twofold LA to make this magical evening a reality.

With an intimate guest list, attendees were greeted by our amazing staff holding trays of Black Mission Figs with Blue Cheese and a drop of Clover Honey, along with Individual Crudités with Lemon Aioli. 

Photo: Jenn Pablo @TwofoldLA

Photo: Jenn Pablo @TwofoldLA

After chatting and sipping cocktails, guests were led to a gorgeous tablescape designed by Twofold LA.  Guests enjoyed a family-style dinner with Fresh Market Curette Zucchini along with Seasonal Salads highlighting Summer Corn and Market Vegetables.  Our staff followed the starters with tableside French service Strozzapreti Pasta from Domenico’s and a plated Grilled Turkey Burger with a Greek Yogurt Sauce.  The decadent meal concluded with a White Grilled Nectarine & Pistachio Ice Cream Duet with Balsamic Reduction & Crème Fraiche.

See you at the dinner table,

CBC Team



Black Mission Figs | Blue Cheese | Clover Honey Drops

Beef Meatballs

Individual Mixed Crudités | Lemon Aioli



Baby Arugula Salad | Shaved Corn | Toasted Pine Nuts | Cherry Tomato | Balsamic Vinaigrette

Sliced Yellow & Green/Curette | Olive Oil | Shaved Parmesan

Butter Lettuce Salad | Shaved Sweet Corn | Heirloom Tomato | Radish | Shallot Vinaigrette



Grilled Turkey Burger | Greek Yogurt Sauce | Potato Bread



Strozzapreti | Pesto | Sea Salt | Asiago



Pistachio Ice Cream | Charred Peaches | Lemon Juice | Sugar | Crushed Pistachio



White Grilled Nectarine | Balsamic Reduction | Crème Fraiche

I am Moana

Tonight we all get to watch the Oscars and we can’t help but to think about one of our favorite kids movies from last year, Disney’s Moana.  We were so lucky to do two different events for the creators and cast when the hit movie premiered!


After the 400 person screening, which included Polynesian dance troop and a delicious dessert station, we were invited back to do a formal dinner for the cast at the Disney Lot by the movie’s heads Osnat Shurer and John Lasseter.  Attendees, including Dwayne Johnson and Moana herself, Auli’I Cravalho, were greeted by glasses filled with Lasseter Family Winery Chemin de Fer Red Wine & Cakebread Chardonnay, before heading into a screening of the movie.

After the film concluded, the real party began.  Passed appetizers kicked off our Polynesian theme meal.  Guests dined on Seared Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with Jalapeno Lime Cream and BBQ Scented Chicken served on a Plantain Chip topped with Mango Salsa.  Our Polynesian salads were followed by Black Cod Filet or Braised Short Ribs.  The sweet ending concluded with a tropical Dole Whip Cake with Coconut-Pineapple Ice Cream.

What a beautiful evening!  With a little Disney magic, a real life Princess, and wish upon a star, this was a night to remember.

See you at the dinner table,

CBC Team



Seared Vegetable Pot Stickers | Creamy Soy-Ginger Drizzle

BBQ Scented Chicken | Plantain Chip | Mango Salsa

Seared Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes | Jalapeno Lime Cream



Polynesian Iceberg-Little Cabbage Salad | Manga | Jicama | Cucumber | Red Onion | Sweet Bell Pepper | Pineapple Honey Dressing



Soya Honey Marinated Black Cod Filet | Snow Peas | Coconut Rice

Slow Braised Short Ribs | Roasted Butternut Squash | Yukon Gold Potatoes | Coconut-Curry Sauce

Spicy Honey-Garlic Roasted Cauliflower | Marinated Rice Noodles | Ohana Green Beans | Garlic



Dole Whip Cake | Condensed Sweet Cream Frosting | Coconut-Pineapple Ice Cream


The Force is Strong with These Ones

We love clients with a funny bone!  Don’t get us wrong, every event is spectacular, but a couple with a sense of humor is a dream for us.  Jen & Jeff were just that couple. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.32.58 AM.png

Jen & Jeff love Star Wars.  And we don’t mean, “seen it a few times,” but rather they love Star Wars so much they wanted to make sure it was sprinkled throughout their entire wedding.  Set atop the beautiful loftSeven, guests were greeted by Storm Troopers ushering everyone to their seats.  Upon conclusion of the ceremony, guests marveled at cocktail napkins adorned with the Death Star, themed table names, and even Star Wars action figures playfully smiled upon the wedding cake.  This couple mixed the perfect amount of humor with class and elegance.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.33.42 AM.png

The menu itself reflected more of the foods the couple enjoyed.  After passed appetizers consisting of Roasted Chicken Club Spring Rolls dipped in a Chipotle Aioli and Mission Fig Challah Brie Melts with Caramelized Onion and fresh Basil, guests got a choice of either Grilled Sea Bass, Montreal Crusted Filet of Beef, or Moroccan Vegetable and Quinoa Tagine.  And of course, we had to end the night with a delicious red velvet wedding cake, fresh berries, and mint. 

We were so happy with how this wedding turned out, and even happier when we heard from the happy couple.  “As my husband and I looked around the room during dinner, people were eating, laughing, and there was so much happiness in the air. It felt like we were hosting a large dinner party for all of our family & friends! Good food really does bring people together.”


See you at the dinner table,

CBC Team

Photos by Caca Santoro @caca_santoro

Photos by Caca Santoro @caca_santoro




Mission Fig Challah Brie Melts | Caramelized Onion | Basil

Baby Artichoke & Red Pepper Crostini | Shaved Parmesan | Truffle Oil

Caribbean Jerk Chicken | Plantain Chip | Mango Relish

Roasted Chicken Club Spring Roll | Chipotle Aioli



Baby Arugula | Cucumber | Creamy Burrata | Roasted Grapes | Brown Butter Balsamic

Assorted Bread | Butter



Grilled Sea Bass | Crushed Almonds | Chili Lemon Dressing

Montreal Crusted Filet of Beef | Bordelaise Jus

Roasted Asparagus | Sea Salt | Yukon Gold Potato Puree

Moroccan Vegetable, Quinoa, & Raison Tagine (Veg)



Wedding Cake | Berries | Mint



Decaf Coffee | Tea