We’ve wanted to do a post on the Winter Olympics for a few weeks now, but because of the Oscars, we’ve been too busy!  Finally, we have a second to breathe and reflect on what an amazing job our athletes did.  Earning 23 medals over an 18-day span, our country was represented well in the beautiful city of PyeongChang.


While the events themselves were exciting, what made it even more fun was the education the world got on Korean culture, including the amazing cuisine, even if only a few people went and tried it.   Known mostly for Korean BBQ and Kimchi, a spicy and flavorful fermented cabbage, the influx of tourism in Korea should have brought hoards of people into local restaurants.  And while there were definitely people who ventured out to try something new, from what we’ve read, the empty eateries didn’t compare to the massive lines at McDonald’s and Dominos; tales of dog meat and videos of live octopi may have scared too many people off, but there is so much more to Korean food.

Consisting mostly of rice, vegetables, and meats, the culinary delights of the country vary from district to district, but do have some commonalities.  Bachnan, which are the side dishes, adorn the table as guests dine on fermented delicacies, hearty stews, and fresh seafood. 

Below please enjoy one recipe we are playing around with inspired by the flavors of Korea.


See you at the dinner table,

CBC Team





  • Sweet Potato Noodles
  • Red & Yellow Peppers | Carrots | Fresh Spinach | Onion | Spinach | Green Onion
  • Sesame Seeds | Sesame Oil | Water |Soy Sauce
  • Kimchi |
  • Pork Belly | 5 Spice | Orange Juice | Coriander | Soy Sauce | Chili Paste


  1. Soak Sweet Potato Noodles in hot water (not boiling) for 20 minutes, then add in Sesame Oil to prevent sticking
  2. Cut Vegetables (not Spinach) into thin strips
  3. Chop Kimchi into small pieces
  4. Toast Sesame seeds briefly in oven
  5. Boil spinach for 2 minutes squeeze dry
  6. Pan Sear both sides of the Pork Belly, coated in 5 Spice, then braise in Orange Juice, Coriander, Green Onions, Soy sauce, and Chili paste
  7. Combine Noodles, Vegetables, Kimchi and Soy Sauce in hot pan
  8. Once it’s done, top with Pork Belly and sprinkle with Toasted Sesame Seeds
  9. Serve warm and enjoy!